Sarah King

Portfolio: Sound Traces

This new work was aided by two residencies at The Jamieson Library, Hypatia Trust in Cornwall, allowing time for a new project to emerge.

The new work is developing away from self. Although still subjective, the work is now a response to exterior environments. Through drawing, scoring, scratching and stitching on the surface of paper, I respond to the sounds of the weather, the natural environment around me and create marks. The reintroduction of thread into the work, has been an important step forward, and resonates with my enquiry into silence, and whether that is visible in the work. Patricia Laurence talks of Virginia Woolf’s writing ‘Woolf created a new language of the mind and arranged a metaphor of silence from one of absence or oppression to one of presence and strength’.

These new works are the beginning of a deep level of enquiry into the presence of silence generating ideas and research conversations, which readdress my developing methodologies and working processes.